FAQs about the process

How does a Party Bus tour work in general?

We will pick you up at your desired address and bring you to your desired destination at the end of the journey.
On board there are cool and delicious drinks, good music and of course pure partying!
Our bartenders will take care of your well-being and the right music throughout the journey.
Our experienced drivers will take you safely to your destination while you really let it all out.


How many people can fit in the Party Bus?

Up to 15, up to 20 or up to 26 people can celebrate in our various US Party Buses.


How much does a Party Bus ride cost?

The prices vary depending on the duration, start and end location and the number of people.
All information about the prices can be found here.


How long can you rent the Party Bus?

You can of course determine the duration of the journey yourself.


How can I reserve a Party Bus?

As soon as we have all the relevant dates for your desired tour, we will be happy to reserve a Party Bus for you.
Simply fill in our Inquiry Form or email us your request.
From Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 it is of course also possible to make a reservation by telephone.


How does the payment work?

You can pay in advance by bank transfer or at the beginning of the journey.
The drinks can then be paid for individually or we keep a list of drinks and settle everything at once at the end of the journey.
For company events, we are happy to issue a total invoice after the trip.


Where can I rent the party bus? Will the party bus pick us up from home?

We offer our party buses up to 100 km around our locations in Munich and Nuremberg.
In these areas we will of course be happy to pick you up from home.


Are there different Party Buses? Are all Party Buses the same?

Our fleet includes a total of 5 original US school buses converted into Party Buses.
The only difference between the buses is their length. The interior of all buses is very similar. Nevertheless, each bus is unique and perfectly equipped for the needs of the partypeople.

FAQs about the equipment

Can you bring your own music?

You can easily play your own music using a smartphone on the bus.
All you have to do is connect your cell phone to our system via Bluetooth.
But there are already many different playlists on board for every taste. In addition, we are online and can fulfill all your music wishes.


Is there a toilet on the Party Bus?

There is no toilet in our buses. But we’re taking enough breaks so that won’t be a problem.


Can you smoke on the bus?

Smoking is not allowed on the bus, but we include smoking breaks in the tours.


What drinks are there on board?

You will find our drinks menu here.


Can you bring your own drinks?

Own drinks are not allowed.


Is there a drinks flat rate?

We do not offer a drinks flat rates.

FAQs about the extras

Can I book a strip show on the Party Bus? How does a strip show on the bus work?

Strip shows can be booked from a 1.5 hour drive. The show takes place at a specific meeting point about halfway through the journey. Normally we pretend to be surprisingly checked by the “police” before the stripper gets on. Our strip colleagues can also appear in other costumes. After about 15 minutes the show is over and we drive on.


Can you eat on the Party Bus?

Eating on the bus possible and of course allowed. You can order something from our caterer directly through us and we will bring everything with us. Alternatively, we can stop in front of each restaurant and pick up something that you have pre-ordered, or the party bus will be waiting for you while you eat at the restaurant.