Process and Equipment

Always Fits!

Our different sized US Party Buses are suitable for every group. We offer buses for up to 15, up to 20 or up to 26 people.

You determine the start and the destination!

We will take care of the most beautiful route for you. Smoking or toilet breaks will of course be taken as required. In addition to the driver, you have your own private bartender/DJ on board who will serve you drinks and heat up the atmosphere with the right music.

The Original!

Rent a Party Bus directly from the bus company. No increased price due to commissions or brokerage fees. You can pay in advance by bank transfer or when you get on the Party Bus.

Top Service!

We reserve your desired date for you stress-free and 100% free of charge, so that you can clarify everything in your group!

Party Bus

  • Party Bus driver with many years of experience
  • Experienced Bartender/DJ
  • Fully loaded bar
  • Professional music system for the best club and party atmosphere
  • Party light with thousands of LEDs
  • Seating options with cup holders
  • Dance floor with several pole dance poles


At the Party Bus bar there are cool beers and delicious drinks that our experienced bartenders will serve you. Here you can take a look at our drinks menu. There will be enough of everything on board. Pre-orders are not necessary.


We have prepared perfectly matched playlists for every occasion. We are online during the journey and can easily fulfill spontaneous music requests. Of course you can connect your phone to play your own music on the bus too.

Party Bus Experience

How does a Party Bus ride work?